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Are you browsing car accident attorneys in Orlando, FL? Anthony-Smith Law, P.A. is knowledgeable of Florida’s “No Fault” auto insurance law and has been providing legal representation for over 15 years.

Regardless of how carefully you drive on the road, accidents happen. Other drivers are out there making careless and poor decisions, 24 hours a day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that as many as 20% of car accidents involve driver distractions because drivers may be upset or tired and may be distracted by talking on their cell phones or to another passenger. Careless or distracted drivers can cause serious injury and you’re not at fault! But when a car accident happens, there are a myriad of forms that need to be completed including accident reports, insurance forms, medical bill payment forms, and worker’s compensation forms (if applicable). You’re going to need an experienced, dedicated team of Orlando-based lawyers like the attorneys at Anthony-Smith Law.

The average driver will be involved in several car accidents over a lifetime. We understand the stress and angst you have to deal with after it happens. We provide personalized representation and we’re committed to attaining the best possible outcome. AND there are no fees unless YOU win!

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