Mobile Home Park Investing Video: Market Analysis on mobile home parks with Dan Ryu – Ep 6

Are you interested in investing in mobile home parks? Watch as I share my desktop screen and show you step-by-step how to invest in mobile home parks. This is the mobile home park investing Youtube series that I wish had existed when I first got started in mobile home park investing.

These step-by-step videos will show you how to analyze trends in mobile home park investing, how to analyze mobile home park deals and markets, how to analyze returns from mobile home park investing, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can sink you as a mobile home park investor.


“The largest mobile home park investors, Sun Communities and ELS Communities, have reported tech stock like returns of 4,127% 🚀 and 1,186% 🚀 returns since 2009” – WSJ, 2020

This week: Episode 6 – How to do Market Analysis for a mobile home park

The three most important factors in real estate investing? Some say, “Location, Location, Location…” I want to modify that to, “Demand, Demand, Demand.” In this week’s video we explore specific metrics to look at when analyzing different markets, how to find those metrics, and why those metrics matter.

Video Table of Contents:

00:43 Three most important factors in a mobile home park investment
01:03 What type of demand matters
01:53 Thinking through market shifts
02:18 What can you learn from Google Maps
02:35 Contrasting two different markets: Does it pass the sniff test?
04:22 Reviewing the MSA Population
06:09 Reviewing Income Levels
06:40 Reviewing Housing Prices
07:45 Reviewing Mortgage Payments
08:22 Dr Charles Becker PhD Findings: What type of housing competes against mobile home parks?
09:25 Comparing mobile home park all in rents to Apartment Rents
10:10 Calculating potential market all in rents at your mobile home park
11:51 Population Growth Stats
12:50 Review of Market Stats

This series is brought to you by the Mobile Home Park Desktop. We are now posting weekly content geared toward investors who are looking to buy and operate mobile home parks. Topics that will be covered:

👉 How do know if a mobile home park is a good deal?
👉 Where should you buy mobile home parks?
👉 How much should you pay for a mobile home park?
👉 What’s the difference between a tenant and park owned home?
👉 How does mobile home park investing differ from apartment or single family home investing?
👉 How do I know if rents can be increased?

In the past 4 years, I’ve reviewed and underwritten thousands of deals, closed on 20 mobile home parks, performed market analysis and due diligence on every new acquisitions, and created dozens of park stabilizations plans.

I’m also producer of a weekly mobile home park focused investing show called the Mobile Home Park Desktop.

I’m open to: working with LP investors, potential JVs, or working with private equity groups / family offices looking to build out their mobile home park investments.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Mobile Home Park Desktop, reach out to Dan Ryu on LinkedIn

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