Mobile Home Park Management

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The mobile home park business can be a tricky business – you have to attract high-quality tenants and manage the park well to maximize profits while minimizing stress…

Hiring the wrong property manager can cost you a fortune in terms of lost revenue, legal issues and messes that you’ll have to clean up.

Trial and Error (learning on the job) takes forever because you’re dealing with people and not a machine.

If you’re going to hire a property manager, you’ll likely go through several managers. Do you have a system to train them? Do you have the time and expertise to train them?

We create Mobile Home Park Classroom after reviewing and firming up all of the proven lessons we learned managing mobile home parks and managing mobile home park managers, which then gave us a proven system we could hand to a property manager knowing they would get the best training possible (with almost no involvement from us).

If you’re a new owner, then Mobile Home Park Classroom is probably perfect for you – it will help you hire and train all of your managers or learn how to manage and market your park properly if you’re going to manage it yourself

If you’re a property manager, then what I’d suggest is that you send the owner of the park an email with a link to Mobile Home Park Classroom because it’s going to save them 80 to 120 hours and it’s really going to cause them to enjoy their MHP a lot more.

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