Mobile home RV parks would be barred from part of Mobile Bay under new

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Mobile home and RV parks could be prohibited within 1,500 feet of a section of shore on Mobile Bay if a recently introduced bill passes the Alabama House. HB586, introduced on April 1 by Rep. Chip Brown, R-Mobile, would prohibit the construction of a mobile home or RV park within 1,500 feet of the high water mark of the western shore of Mobile Bay. According to the bill’s text, there is one exception that would allow the construction or installation of a mobile home, manufactures housing unit or manufactured building within this mark. The owner of a lot within the 1,500 feet would be allowed to install one mobile home, manufactured housing unit, or manufactured building, so long as it’s for personal or family use, or for personal business use only. Anything built within the high water mark of the Mobile Bay would also have to be hooked up to a conventional or onsite engineered sewage system approved by the Mobile County Department of Public Health, according to the bill’s text. Any property, mobile home, manufactured housing unit, or manufactured building that isn’t in compliance could be ordered by the department to be declared a public nuisance and removed. Right now, Rep. Brown’s bill has been referred to the House of Representatives committee on Mobile County Legislation.

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