Reserve at Lake Butler Sound Windermere FL 2018 Lakefront Aerial Flyover

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It’s a close competition but as far as community, Lake Butler Sound is my favorite in Windermere. If you have spent much time on my neighborhood videos or the Lakefront articles I have written you know I have enough information to form a qualified opinion. Notice I said community. I believe a great lakefront home can be anywhere and be your dream home. However the homes around you etc. make up the community. Since I drive the cart and do not play golf. I’ll have to go with Lake Butler Sound.

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Bellaria Keene’s Pointe Tilden’s Grove
The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound is one of the most exclusive communities in Windermere Florida. Lake Butler Sound is a gated community on the Southern shores of Lake Butler. Lake Butler is a beautiful lake and chief of the famed Butler Chain of Lakes. If you are not from this area and you are looking for a beautiful lakefront community in Windermere Florida. You have no need to look any further.

First the city which Lake Butler Sound is part of. Windermere Florida is a secretive area most people in the world know nothing about. The term Windermere to them is likely the largest lake in England. For those clinging to this secret knowledge Windermere is the home to more million-dollar estates than all of Orlando. It is also home of the greatest golf courses in Florida and possibly all of the United States. All hidden away in the 34786 zip-code.

Lake Butler Sound would not exist without Lake Butler. Lake Butler is an incredible lake with a surface area of 1,579 acres or just under 3 square miles. There are 13 lakes inter connected with Lake Butler via channels. You can explore all of these lakes and never set foot out of your boat. There are million-dollar homes all around the shores of these spectacular bodies of water. You can even occasionally see a frustrated golfer.

Lake Butler Sound is a gated and guarded community. There are approximately 211 homes inside of its gates. There are only 2 entrances. The primary entrance and the guarded on it on the Western side f Chase Rd. It is easily noticed and the most beautiful entrance on Chase Rd. Directly across Chase Rd. is a smaller community entrance to a different community.

The second entrance to The Reserve at lake Butler Sound is on the Western side of this luxury home community. It uses electronic admittance and is not guarded. You access that gate by taking the Sandy Shores Dr. exit on the North side of Winter Garden Vineland Rd. (SR. 535). Sandy Shores Dr. will take you to the gate. Inside of the gate you will be on Bridge House Rd. which goes all of the way through the neighborhood to the entrance on Chase Rd.

As we cover Lake Butler Sound I will be separating it by street. This will help you know more about the specific areas. When you find a home for sale below the article you can refer back to the particular street to learn more about it. Large communities are unique in many ways. This can cause different values the same model home in different locations. There are many factors that affect pricing. By the end of this article you will be one of the most informed buyers Lake Butler Sound will have ever encounter. For this I hope you will consider using our services here, or anywhere in the Windermere Florida area.

We will begin using the most common entrance. The Eastern guarded entrance on Chase Rd. After entering the community on Bridge house Rd. We take our first left had turn down Cartmel Ln. The first part of Lake Butler Sound to be described is the Southern part of Cartmel Ln. It will extend up to a natural breaking point directly West of RD Keene Park or 6330 Cartmel Ln. This part of the community has 2 waterfront homes on a small pond. There are 3 cul-de-sacs offering larger than average lots. One is on Cartmel Ln., one is on Wadsdale Ct. and one is on Kentmere Ct. On these three streets there are 14 homes which backup to Chase Rd. Chase Rd. is a busy road.

The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound Windermere Florida.